Tree Trimming Jacksonville

Tree Trimming Service Jacksonville Fl

Tree Trimming Service Jacksonville FL

Tree-Trimming-CostSometimes you just need to thin out your trees if you have too many trees in one area and you need tree trimming in Jacksonville FL you need to call JATR. Trees get crowded over time with new ones sprouting up.

Trees are like anything else in life, you have strong trees, weak trees, young trees and old trees. You have healthy trees and sometimes you have weak or unhealthy trees that can be standing dead or rotten. These trees can be a nuisance and can be dangerous if they fall on the house or on anything else.

Keeping trees thinned out and cutting out the weak or unhealthy trees will ensure the remaining trees get enough light.

Thinning the crown of the tree to keep branches evenly spaced.

Tree Pruning Jacksonville Fl

How Dangerous is Tree Trimming?


A gust of wind can bring down branches that are dead or broken. We have seen old branches come down whether there is wind or not. This can be a safety hazard that you really don’t want to ignore. If you have power lines in the area check for branches that are too close, or hanging over the lines. These branches can be a serious hazard if they touch those power lines and should be taken care of right away.

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Tree Trimming Jax Florida

Tree Health

If you have an unhealthy tree that has branches that are infected, sometimes we can save the tree by strategically pruning branches that have been infected. Trimming branches that rub together can also keep your trees healthy by preventing the bark from being rubbed off or branches getting weak.


Pruning can be a delicate balancing act between maintaining the trees shape and size but also not over pruning that can be detrimental to the trees health. Shaping the tree so it looks great and to maintain a good spacing so all of your trees can get airflow and can make your landscape so it aesthetically pleasing and create a special harmony amongst your trees so they grow better. Just like Bob Ross you can have Happy Trees!


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These services are needed everywhere. When we come out to your house your job is very important to our crew, we take it very seriously. And if you live near Oshkosh Wisconsin then you need to check out our friends that do tree service in Oshkosh WI.

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