Tree Trimming And Landscape Mulching

Tree trimming and Landscaping is fun and can be quite involved depending on how much work and education you put into it. Did you know there are many types of mulch? Most people think there is just one and are content to apply it to their gardens, flower beds and around their trees. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal we know all about mulch, and in this post, we’ll give you information to know about it too. Let’s start by explaining what mulch is. It is material applied to gardens and landscaping features to slow weed growth, improve soil quality, reduce evaporation, and improve appearance. It is also good for play yard areas offering a safety material under slides and swings.
There are two basic types or mulch organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is the top choice because it improves the soil quality by adding nutrients as it breaks down. On the other hand, inorganic is great for slopes, walkways, and areas that face a lot of runoff as it’s resistant to erosion. Below is a list of both types.

Types of Organic Mulch:

  1. Composted Animal Manure – Best as mulch for Vegetables.
  2. Grass Clippings or Shredded Leaves – Best to mulch Garden Beds and around Tree and Shrubs.
  3. Cocoa Chips – Appropriate for all Planting Areas.
  4. Wood Chips or Bark – Use these to mulch around Trees and Shrubs.
  5. Straw – Great for a protective barrier. 

Types of Inorganic Mulch:

  1. Rock or Crusher Dust – Best as mulch for walkways or paths.
  2. Landscape Plastic or Fabric – Ideal as a weed killer or barrier.
  3. Rubber – This is good for high traffic areas like playgrounds.
Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough to get the job done and are using the right mulch for the project. It you have a large area that needs mulched contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for assistance. We also suggest that you use organic materials instead of inorganic materials as much as you can. Compost is the best mulch material.


You’ve spread your fresh mulch at a nice even depth, recommended is about 2 to 4 inches deep, around your garden, flower beds, trees, and shrubs. You step back and are proudly amazed at how good it all looks. Then you think, “I wish it could look this good all the time.” The weather can take its toll, even if you are using the best mulch. Mulch doesn’t need a lot of attention, but it will benefit from some upkeep. Typically, you will mulch in the spring and the fall. One of the first things you’re going to want to do is check the depth as it should be between two and four inches. If it’s less, add more. You will want to remove weeds that make their way through the mulch and to the surface. When you start seeing weeds you may have to add a little more mulch. This will also help maintain the color and fresh appearance of your mulch. Try raking your mulch a few times throughout the year to prevent clumps from forming and to remove debris that may have gathered. Tree trimming when needed. If you follow these simple steps, mulch will maintain its beauty and your plants and garden will thank you for it. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal we offer the following services to help you maintain a beautiful, safe, and well maintained yard or lot:   * Tree pruning or trimming * Tree removal * Stump Grinding * Tree Cabling or Bracing * Slash Clean Up * Wood Chipping * Much Spreading * Debris Hauling * Crane Lifting * Lot Clearing