Tree Pruning in Jacksonville Florida


Proper Tree Pruning in Jacksonville, Florida
Trees are amazing gifts of nature. They give us so much and we can benefit from them a lot. In return, we need to give them the proper care that they need, so they can thrive longer and healthier. Trees may need different kinds of caring depending on their species and age, and even their location. Pruning is one very important technique to maintain your tree’s health and appearance. That is why it is highly recommended to prune the tree regularly to keep it healthy. Another factor to consider when pruning a tree is where it is located. For example, trees in Jacksonville, Florida are recommended to be pruned only after 2-5 years after being planted. Then after that, you can prune it 1 to 3 years, depending on its type. Just be aware that trees in Florida mostly have shallow roots, so it is important to allow them to root first.

Proper Pruning Cuts
It is crucial to know the proper pruning technique to avoid harming the tree. You should cut at the collar of the branch where the branch attaches to the main trunk. When you do this, you also lessen the chance of decay to spread into the main trunk of the tree. Also, always wear proper protective attire when performing tree pruning and use the proper tools to avoid injury.

Pruning of Trees Before a Storm or a HurricanePrune for Strength- eliminating multi-trunks and leaders will stimulate the growth of just one main trunk. It is also important to remove any diseased or injured branches or limbs.

Prune for Form- prune the tree to restore its beautiful form. Eliminate the excess lateral branches to produce a ladder effect when the tree matures.

Topping or Hatracking
If there is one thing that professional arborists don’t do to a tree is topping. A huge amount of the canopy is removed from the tree during topping. After it is done, you are only left with branch stubs that can attract pests and insects.

Excessive Lifting
This practice is mostly done to pave way for structures and vehicles; however, this is a poor pruning practice. Excessive lifting removes most of the lower branches that will, in turn, cause the tree to be top heavy and will increase the risk of branch failure. Further, it deforms the tree.

Choosing a Tree Service
Do not choose just any tree service that offers you their service. It is vital to know the right people to do your tree care because it can be dangerous and it involves risks. Choosing the wrong tree company will cost you more money and may damage your property. Here are some of the thing you should consider when selecting a tree company:
The tree company should have a  License and don’t hesitate to ask for documentation
Should have good reviews on Yelp, Google, and listed in Yellow Pages
Has insurance for property damage and personal liability. Again, ask for documentation.

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