Tree Removal in Prep for Hurricane Season

It is not a good time to start pruning your trees during a hurricane or tropical storm. Start preparing your trees for hurricane season before hurricane season. A professional tree trimming service can let you know what trees are in the right place that can help protect your property from strong winds by acting as a wind-break, and what poorly maintained trees can do the most harm.

Hurricanes and tropical storms often cause extensive damage to landscapes and homes. Start now to make your landscape more hurricane-resistant, so that it’s less likely you suffer damage during a major tropical storm.

Prepare Your Trees In Advance
  • Get your trees pruned while they are dormant or during early spring. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal can let you know when the best time to trim your tree is.

  • Remove the deadwood of your trees. Deadwood can break away into projectiles easily during a storm and can be the home of insects.

  • A licensed and insured certified arborvitae can be a helpful resource.

  • Have a professional tree trimming service to do the trimming. You do not want to remove to much normal growth from your tree.

  • Try to avoid cutting the root system. You could damage the tree.

  • Clear any cut wood or loose branches around your home to eliminate the danger of flying objects.

The best way to protect your landscape from hurricane damage is by planning ahead of time. Plant trees that are more wind resistant, and plant them away from utilities and structures. Keep your trees maintained and trimmed through out the year. Correct pruning and clearing is the most important part of helping trees survive hurricanes and after a hurricane, your landscape needs to be maintained and cleared by removing damaged or dangerous trees. The most important thing during a hurricane is your family’s safety and the one thing you can do to protect your family and home is to hire a professional tree trimming and removal service to hurricane-proof your landscape. Contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal service before hurricane season to help you keep your landscaping safe.