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Jacksonville Area Tree Removal

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal is not your typical Tree Service.

"Advanced Tree Care Experts"

We are the Jacksonville area’s most recognized tree care company, catering to all of the Jacksonville area, including the beaches, Jax Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach. We are truly a company based on customer service, that’s our number one priority.

With over 20 years in the tree service industry, we have made our mark on the Jacksonville community and our clients give us great referrals and keep coming back over and over again.

The next time you need anything done call the experts at Jacksonville Area Tree Removal to come to the rescue, we are licensed, insured, as well as affordable priced tree service.

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We are a local business of arborists and tree care specialists having many years of expertise and knowledge in the business. We are a family owned, managed and operated. Currently, we are a completely staffed and equipped tree care business that is ready to help you with a free quote today. 

We deal with each customer like you’re a member of the family, and we are privileged to be a proud participant in the Jacksonville FL business environment. We are honored to provide a one hundred percent client satisfaction warranty along with reasonable tree removal pricing.

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Tree Care Company Jacksonville Florida

Our business is Tree Removal in Jacksonville Beachgeared towards a great customer service experience first as well as a great tree care service second. We provide personal service to make you feel like part of a family and we strongly believe in superior customer service and that’s what sets us apart from the other tree companies out there. 

We believe we truly do not have any sort of competitors that provide the type of excellent tree care Jacksonville residents require and deserve. When you call us you won’t be disappointed and if we’re running the tree saw when you call we’ll get back to you ASAP! 

Next, we will definitely be on time getting you your house or business. We  provide free estimates so you can be confident in the price and not get hit with a surprise at the end of the job. We will always be on time arriving at the booked appointment for your tree care project. Finally, we’ll leave your property as clean as possible, with the exception of the task well accomplished in removing/trimming trees and/or grinding stumps.​

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At “Jacksonville Area Tree Removal” we’ve built a reputation people in Jacksonville Trust

  1. It’s way safer
  2. It’s cheaper in the long run
  3. The tree won’t fall on the house
  4. No Stress
  5. No Mess
  6. Guaranteed Work
  7. Fast Turnaround Time

We started our company in order to bring you the most knowledgeable tree removal specialists at affordable prices, in addition to providing you with the best service in the tree cutting business!

In order to meet these goals, we hire only the best, most professional and experienced people, with more than 50 years of combined tree service experience. Our employees are run through a vigorous background check and drug screening, long with signing a professional code of behavior contract yearly. Our management team has over a HALF CENTURY of combined expertise and has delivered tree care services throughout all of Nassau and Duval Counties. We believe we have not just one of the absolute best teams in Jacksonville but throughout the entire state of Florida.

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Tree Cutting in Jacksonville Fl

Jacksonville tree serviceWe own and work with best tree care tools throughout the area – our equipment is basically the tools of our profession. From our Stihl saws to Morbark and Vermeer grinders, all of our hardware is newer, appropriately services, and with the help of our steady customers, nicely used. When it comes to more complicated projects, we use our hoists, cherry pickers, as well as naturally on most every project one of Vermeer chippers. With the advantage of our industrial machinery, we have the ability to take on considerably more substantial projects (as well as larger trees) vs. a lot of our competitors within the city. 

Tree Care Company in Jacksonville Florida

Due to many of our clients’ preference that we do not use our equipment on their lawn due to potential damage to, we very often perform the vast majority of our tree removals and trimming jobs using a single climber using a harness with two to three ground crew members to make easy work of the tree debris. Further, there are times when our equipment will not fit into close spaces, such as backyards. We are one of the few tree care companies fully able to perform all of our services with no more than a few chainsaws and a climbing harness.

Jacksonville Clients Keep Coming Back

Stump Removal Jacksonville FloridaWe recognize our prospective Jacksonville area clients have alternatives when it concerns tree care companies in the area, to include tree care companies going door to door requesting your business since they are in your locale. Be mindful though, a number of these “tree care companies” are not licensed and/or insured – likely exposing you to financial responsibility should just one of their workers have a mishap on your residential or commercial property. This is due to the fact that companies like this almost never have worker’s compensation insurance, subjecting you, the owner, to monetary risk as well as potential legal battle. Our customers can be guaranteed our company is completely licensed, insured, as well as bonded – providing a complete copy of our policy documentation as well as licensing when we provide you with the written price quote. Also, be careful of shady tree care companies which do not offer a written quote for your tree work.  ​

Tree Removal In Dangerous Situations

​We service every type of customer: residential, business, real estate investment, as well as residential/commercial property developers. We take satisfaction in our high-quality tree care, and our scalability to service these ranges of projects. Naturally, we perform at all these levels with reasonable, budget-friendly rates and a 100 percent complete satisfaction guarantee.


Dangerous Tree

Finally, we take great satisfaction in being one of the most professional Jacksonville tree care companies in the region. While it isn’t difficult, it does take consciousness to phone you back immediately; show-up when we say we will; offer an honestly written price quote after your request; stick to our meeting schedule, and stand-by our services 100 percent. We realize if we perform these duties, customers will respond and recommend our company to their family, friends, and colleagues. Please, next time you require high-quality services, phone the tree care Jacksonville FL home and business owners have counted on.

Tree Removal in Jacksonville

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Should You Cut Down A Tree?

Emergency Tree Service Jacksonville flTrees should be cut down for a range of factors. The issue might be as a result of injury, illness, an endangerment to property or even person, as well as simply just appearances. Powerful thunderstorms commonly harm trees making them hazardous as well as aesthetically displeasing. Illnesses, such as canker, can trigger them to die or otherwise appear unhealthy as well as unattractive in a landscape. Overgrown or even poorly-planted trees can easily cause landscape problems, like excessive shade preventing the growth of turf and other garden landscape plantings. Additionally, please realize that a lot of homeowner’s insurance policies will certainly turn down property damage claims if the tree was actually overhanging and creating contact with your home. We are experienced in eliminating trees safely and cost-effectively, regardless of what the factor for removal may be. We offer tree removal Jacksonville FL residents can depend on.

Tree Removal in Jacksonville Florida

Clearing away a tree really isn’t extremely difficult, nevertheless, it does require knowledge, expertise, preparation, and competency if the tree is in an area challenging to gain access to and/or endangers surrounding building structures. No matter what the situation, our service can economically and properly take down your tree. The tree removal procedure begins by having one of our management staff meeting you at your residence or commercial location to evaluate the tree or trees to be removed. During this appointment, we will talk about alternatives (such as could the tree be taken down with no large equipment, what does the access to it involve, etc.) as well as present you with a verbal estimate. Shortly after the appointment, we will supply you with a written price estimate for the services to be conducted and our license & insurance details. Furthermore, our staff will work with you to book a time for the project to be performed as well as inquire if you want to be home or not at the time of the execution of the tree removal work. As part of the estimate, our tree removal service involves fully falling the tree, wood eliminated or stacked, limbs and branches got rid of and chipped, and of course a complete clean-up of your grounds around where the tree was taken down. Our team, which typically consists of a principal cutter together with 2 to 5 ground-service crew members which clean up the area where the tree was eliminated. Our chipper will be located nearest the tree but definitely on the road and will be utilized to discard small branches and other tree waste. It is our absolute guarantee that when our people leave, the area around the eliminated tree will appear as if was never there. Additionally, nearly all of our tree removal projects can easily be done in a day or less (this doesn’t involve stump grinding – that service will typically be booked on a succeeding day or the following week).​

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Removal Jacksonville Fl

Be on the lookout whenever you’re driving through town, 90 percent of all trees could use some professional trimming, or at least a pruning. Virtually nothing makes a tree’s appearance look worse than being overgrown, having dead limbs as well as, unsightly in aesthetics or appearance. Tree trimming can significantly enhance the visual appeal (and wellness) of the majority of lawn trees. Indeed, many home and business owners overlook this absolute fact. From storm damage to simple neglect, a large number of trees can greatly benefit from a quality trimming. We have honed the art as well as the science of tree trimming. Well managed trees in a yard or landscape can produce a substantial improvement in their general visual appeal as well as health.

Trimming as well as pruning is generally neglected in almost all yards but can be an exceptional creative technique to both improve the appeal of your house as well as contribute to the general health and wellness of your trees. We trim and prune trees having a few key objectives: To take out harmful, deceased, and otherwise unsightly limbs and branches; To enhance the entire proportionality, especially if neglected and overgrown having the added aim of recovering its natural appearance; and, To utilize the trimming activity to ascertain the tree’s physical health, relative to illness and bugs

Similar to our tree removal process, our system for trimming your trees is basically the same. To begin with, we will arrange a visit to meet at your house or company to evaluate the tree or trees to be trimmed back. Next, we will supply you with a verbal price quote for the job followed up with a written estimation coupled with by our licensing and insurance policy documentation. Finally, we will set up a time to perform the services that are good for your family or company. During the performance of the tree trimming service, we will usually use only one cutter using a safety belt. A ground team of 3 of 2 will get rid of trimmed limbs and branches to our chipper placed at the curb. When the service is done, your tree(s) will be revitalized to their past appearance and be far healthier. Of course, we will leave your home as we found it, less a few well-trimmed or pruned trees.

Tree Stump Grinding Jacksonville FL

Stump elimination or grinding is the common following step after tree removal. We offer both extraction and grinding options for stumps. The majority of tree stumps that are in lawns are eye sores and also detract from the aesthetic appeal of your yards and planting. Far more substantially, tree stumps can possibly house a wide variety of bugs, including termites, beetles, as well as fire ants – causing the stump and adjacent area to be dangerous to your family members and pets. Get in touch with our professionals in regards to all of your stump removal and grinding requirements.

Stump Elimination

We employ the finest stump grinding machinery from Vermeer and Morbark, which can easily take care of the biggest tree stumps you may have. Even more, we provide discount rates on every one of stump grinding services if bought in combination with tree removal services. Nevertheless, irrespective if our company cut down your tree or not, our staff will always be happy to serve you.

Just like our tree removal or trimming services, one of our team members will come to your residential property or business office to assess the characteristics of the stump and its specific location on your property. Stump grinding rates differing depending on the overall size as well as the kind of tree. When one of our team meets with you, we will present you with a verbal quotation for the service, followed-up not long after with our office emailing you a written quotation in addition to with insurance coverage and licensing info. We provide additional stump grinding-related services which we can be reviewed with you that involve: turf seeding, sod laying or mulching.

Although stump grinding is a relatively basic operation, we put in the time and effort so as to reduce what is otherwise a quite untidy project. Our teams do this by clearing the location surrounding the stump to be ground, and putting coverings over the area reducing virtually any harm to adjacent yard and landscape. Finally, we can, at your inquiry, put the wood chips in another place on your property for you to work with later. Otherwise, our team will certainly reuse the woods chips in a green fashion.

Stump elimination consists of bringing an excavator on to your property to completely dig up the primary root system together with the stump itself. This specific method is actually not usually utilized as it does produce damage to the areas around the stump. However, it is employed in circumstances where additional foundational work is to be done on the location and the earth has to be free from root systems. Ordinarily, stump removal is solely done for industrial property development purposes. Nevertheless, our company can talk to you about this alternative during our initial meeting.​

Storms Are Coming

Storm destruction may cause quite a mess in Jacksonville as well as risk relative to damaged trees on your property. Home owners all over should normally not attempt to clear large-scale tree damage because of the likely life-threatening conditions, like fallen high-voltage lines, falling on buildings, houses or falling on people. You can easily avoid this danger by calling a professional. 

We are always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the moment area locations are impacted by storm damage. We are fast to react to these types of hazardous and possibly life-threatening conditions. Fallen and otherwise damaged trees necessitate a skilled professional ascertain specifically how best to safely and securely clear away the tree in the absolute most cost-effective method feasible in Jacksonville Florida. Since it is oftentimes the situation, our team might need to make use of our heavy equipment to clear away large trees or branches from homes and commercial buildings, therefore once more these types of projects are definitely not for the average home or business owner.

Our experts provide this service around the clock so you can be certain that your home or business and landscape will be made safe again, and to bring back your home or company to its former aesthetics.

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