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Tree Removal in Jacksonville

Professional Tree Cutting Service

 There are times when you may need to remove one or more trees or bushes from your landscape due to weakness, disease or damage. Before you start any removal you should confirm that your trees or shrubs need to be removed. Here are some of the steps the professionals at Jacksonville Area Tree Removal suggest that you take:

Dangerous Tree Branches

Start by checking your trees  for branches that are dead or broken. Branches can die due to disease or pest infestations or they can be broken from storms. If you notice a couple dead or broken limbs you may want to prune them. If you notice that at least fifty percent of the limbs are broken or damaged you might want to consider scheduling an appointment for professional tree cutting service such as Jacksonville Area Tree Removal.

Check For Cavities

You should check the trunk and branches for cavities. When a stress factor has not been removed on time cavities will form. This leads to deterioration and damage to the bark and will expose the wood. The exposed wood can endanger the tree to pests, fungus, and insects. When more than half of the wood is decayed or eaten away the tree will become weak and will break easily during high winds.

Cracked trunk or branches

Cracks in the trunk or the branches can be very dangerous. When you have cracked branches storms or high winds make them vulnerable to failing or causing further damage to your tree. Especially if the cracks are running down the middle of the tree trunk. Cracks can develop as a result of frost, storms, lightning strikes and untreated decay. If you notice that your tree has too many cracks or ones which are large you should consider a professional tree cutting service such as Jacksonville Area Tree Removal.

How do you identify that your trees are dangerous and need removed? There are several indications that show that your tree needs to be removed. This can include too many branches that are dead or broken. Cavities in the trunk or branches, especially ones which are a host to pests. If you have cracks in the trunk or limbs. If you notice these or other signs of danger, contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal to professional remove your damaged trees or stumps.

Tree Stump Grinding Services

Residents of the Jacksonville area require tree stump grinding services more frequently than those who live in other parts of the state. Jacksonville has its fair share of fierce storms and hurricanes that compromise tree integrity. Add in the fact that Jacksonville features several gorgeous tall palm trees and it is easy to understand why so many locals reach out to Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for assistance with all their tree maintenance needs.

Tree Stump Grinding Service

If you have heard that any work involving tree stumps is extremely expensive, don’t believe the hoopla! The truth is that tree stump grinding is surprisingly affordable, especially compared to tree stump removal. Let the Jacksonville Area Tree Removal professionals grind your tree stump and you will find there is absolutely no negative impact on your landscaping. We won’t dig down deep into the ground, fill any massive holes or attempt to navigate between water pipes and utility lines. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal tree stump grinding is a straightforward procedure that maximizes your property’s natural beauty and increases its curb appeal. local-tree-stump-removal-service

Tree Stump Grinding Vs. Stump Removal

Tree stump removal requires the evacuation of the entire stump as well as its root ball. This process is much more complex than stump grinding. Root balls tend to grow deep into the ground, creating a time-consuming and expensive removal project. The end result is a huge hole in the ground that will require filling. If you are unsure as to whether your tree stump should be ground down or removed, reach out to the professionals at Jacksonville Area Tree Removal. Our team will help you determine which approach is best for your specific tree situation. More often than not, grinding is the best option because it remedies the problem without a significant investment of time and money.

Why Property Owners Should Consider Stump Grinding

Tree stumps decease a property’s beauty even if they are surrounded by an awesome landscape and other pretty’s. These stumps have the potential to lower the property’s value and curb appeal. Stumps can also become homes for unwanted rodents, animals and insects such as termites, snakes and bees. Stump roots can also grow into your home or buildings foundation as well as your swimming pool. Stump roots can also cause unsightly cracks in your driveways and sidewalks. Also, consider the fact that obstructive stumps can create a liability concern and it is easy to see why so many Jacksonville property owners are turning to Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for tree stump grinding needs. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal is more then a tree stump grinding business. We can handle all of your tree removal and tree trimming needs. Call us today for a free estimate.


Tree Service Jacksonville Fl


To maintain a beautiful yard, it’s important to maintain your bushes and shrubs. These areas should not be overlooked as they each provide a unique look in the overall landscape of your yard. While trimming is an excellent way to maintain their appeal, some shrubs and bushes get to the point where they need to be removed.


Trimming your shrubs and bushes is a great way to keep your landscaping beautiful and nice looking. There are many benefits to regular trimming your shrubs and bushes. When you hire the shrub and bush trimming services of Jacksonville Area Tree Removal, you can expect the following results:

  • Healthier growth of your trees, shrubs and bushes
  • Returns your bushes and shrubs to their proper size
  • Maintain shape and beauty of your shrubs and bushes
  • Will improve the growth of your plants and flowers. This process is done by removing certain parts of your shrubs and bushes. Our professional crew have a high level of skills when it comes to proper pruning. This leads to a healthy and beautiful look to your bushes and shrubs once the trimming process is complete. This also involves the careful removal of buds, branches and even roots. The main goal is to ensure your shrubs and bushes are healthy and beautiful.

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal is fully-trained and experienced team of professionals who provide expert Shrub and Bush removal/ trimming services in Jacksonville, Fl.


Not all bushes and shrubs provide curb appeal to your landscape. Some can become rather unsightly. When this happens, you should take action and do something about it. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal offers expert shrub and bush removal and that is a recommended solution to each of the following situations:

  • Change in Landscaping –Remodel your landscape the same way you remodel the inside of your home. For an entirely new design you may want to remove shrubs, bushes and trees to give your landscape a new look. 
  • Overgrowth – Bushes and shrubs that are overgrown restrict sunlight and prevent it from reaching your plant life. This could result in a lot of dead flowers and plants. Removing the bush or shrub will allow for healthier plants to thrive and a new growth for healthy plants.
  • Deteriorating Health – Bushes and shrubs are not immune to disease and insect infestations. These conditions can also seep into the soil and end up damaging a good portion of your land. Dead and dying shrubs and bushes should be removed. 

Call Jacksonville Area Tree Removal to help you with your tree, bushes and shrub trimming and removal. Get your free quote today at (904) 600-0567.

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal

Tree Removal Service
Jacksonville Area Tree Removal  is the top tree service in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We provide professional, quality tree care services, to include:
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Storm damage clean up
  • Tree removal
  • Wood chipping service
  • Brush removal service
  • Lot and land clearing
  • Residential and commercial services
We are a client service company foremost that always provide quality tree service. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal is professional, insured, and licensed offering our customers the best in protection and assurance when conducting tree services to Jacksonville, FL. Contact us for a free, often same day, tree service estimate.

Our Company

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal is a locally owned and operated company of tree service experts with the combined total of over 72 years of experience in the tree care industry. We started in 2010 with a truck and a chainsaw, prospering throughout the last decade. Now we run a complete tree service in Jacksonville FL with commercial and residential clients that trust us with their wallets, landscape, and trees. We deal with each customer like our family and friends, because each has become that to our company. We provide a complete 100% customer satisfaction promise on all of our tree services.

Our Tree Service

For all your tree care needs, call Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for everything from large tree removals to lot clearing jobs. We offer economical pricing and fast service when you schedule the project. Our team members are professional in everything they do as well as background checked to ensure we utilize the best personnel possible. Tree Trimming Affordable Tree Service Safe Tree Removal Tree Service in Jacksonville FL We highly advise our customers when employing a tree service in Jacksonville, FL to always verify their insurance and licensing information. There are many uninsured and unlicensed tree service businesses operating in the Jacksonville, FL area, which put the homeowners at risk for both financial and legal damages should they occur on your property. With Jacksonville Area Tree Removal, we are fully covered with workers compensation and general liability insurance. While incidents at the workplace are rare, it is necessary and a sound business discipline to provide these insurance protections to our clients. Call for a Free Quote Today: 904-600-0567

Tree Removal in Prep for Hurricane Season

Tree Removal Service in Jacksonville
It is not a good time to start pruning your trees during a hurricane or tropical storm. Start preparing your trees for hurricane season before hurricane season. A professional tree trimming service can let you know what trees are in the right place that can help protect your property from strong winds by acting as a wind-break, and what poorly maintained trees can do the most harm.

Hurricanes and tropical storms often cause extensive damage to landscapes and homes. Start now to make your landscape more hurricane-resistant, so that it’s less likely you suffer damage during a major tropical storm.

Prepare Your Trees In Advance
  • Get your trees pruned while they are dormant or during early spring. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal can let you know when the best time to trim your tree is.

  • Remove the deadwood of your trees. Deadwood can break away into projectiles easily during a storm and can be the home of insects.

  • A licensed and insured certified arborvitae can be a helpful resource.

  • Have a professional tree trimming service to do the trimming. You do not want to remove to much normal growth from your tree.

  • Try to avoid cutting the root system. You could damage the tree.

  • Clear any cut wood or loose branches around your home to eliminate the danger of flying objects.

The best way to protect your landscape from hurricane damage is by planning ahead of time. Plant trees that are more wind resistant, and plant them away from utilities and structures. Keep your trees maintained and trimmed through out the year. Correct pruning and clearing is the most important part of helping trees survive hurricanes and after a hurricane, your landscape needs to be maintained and cleared by removing damaged or dangerous trees. The most important thing during a hurricane is your family’s safety and the one thing you can do to protect your family and home is to hire a professional tree trimming and removal service to hurricane-proof your landscape. Contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal service before hurricane season to help you keep your landscaping safe.

Land Clearing Tree Removal

Tree Cutting Services
There are lots of do-it yourself projects, but land clearing would not be one I would recommend tackling on your own without a tree removal expert like Jacksonville Area Tree Removal

Clearing land is hard work, and usually involves lots of large heavy equipment not usually operated or owned by weekend warriors. We are not saying you can’t do this, but know that it’s a very large-scale project, even if it’s a small building lot.


The list of land clearing equipment can start with simple hand tools and extend all the way up to enormous bulldozers used for clearing. You will need a powerful commercial grade chain saw or two and all the safety equipment that one uses with chain saws.

If you’ve never operated a chain saw, then you must obtain training. Cutting down trees is very dangerous. Even when a tree has fallen, it can have stored energy that can cause the tree to roll or move in such a way to cause the saw to bind or the tree to fall on you.

Chain saws used all day in the field require sharpening. If you use a handy special tool, you can field dress a chain in about ten minutes.

Ways of Clearing

There are many ways to do land clearing. The method used is often based on what happens to the trees and bushes that are being removed. It is always recommended to employee or hire an expert in tree removal and clearing, like Jacksonville Area Tree Removal, with a professional they will have the right equipment to clear your lot quickly, professionally, and safely.

Check your area to see if there are company’s that will take your trees and brush for free.

You may locate a contractor that will clear most of your small trees for free. If this happens, be prepared to deal with the left-over branches, that’s left behind.

Some land-clearing experts will push down the entire tree, and then move it over to a place on the land where it can be processed. This will leave you with trees suitable for lumber processing.

Not all trees need to be ground up or cut for firewood. At Jacksonville Area Tree removal we have machines that can grind up entire stumps and we also have clean up services..


You will need to check with your local government and state officials to see which permits you need. There can be many regulations regarding land clearing including, but not limited to, timber permits, silt fencing, tree ordinances, burning, composting, burying organic material, and more.

Land clearing can be highly regulated in some areas because some may consider it to be a harmful process. Depending on your area, they may or may not allow you to burn the brush and limbs, while other areas might require you to grind and compost the trees and bushes.

Tree Machine Rentals

You often can rent medium-sized equipment that can do a somewhat decent job of clearing land. A powerful skid-steer loader can be rented that is able to move stumps that weigh over two tons. a tracked excavator backhoe can dig drainage trenches and remove stumps with ease.

Do you have the skills?

These types of mechanical equipment be very proficient for an experienced user. It can take hours or days for a beginner to learn how to get the most efficiency from these machines, so don’t expect to get lots of work done the first few times using rented land-clearing machinery.

If you decide to rent heavy mechanical equipment like this, you want to ask the rental company if they have a training facility where you can learn how to safely use the machines.

If you decide to cut down trees using a chain saw, avoid cutting down several trees that fall down upon one another. You could end up with a mess of limbs that make it hard to get in to remove the debris.

Safety First

When starting a land-clearing project try to recruit helpers. You will have some hand work to do with smaller tools and it can become cumbersome if you try to do this alone.

For safety reasons it is also a good idea to have others there for safety reasons. If someone gets hurt, you will have someone else who can give first aid or call for help.

Once you have cleared your land you will need to assess if erosion will be a problem. One way of holding the topsoil in place is to seed the ground with some sort of grass that will help with erosion. Talk with a local extension agent or government soil district employee who knows how to preserve this valuable natural resource.

To insure your land clearing project goes smoothly, quickly and safely it is always recommended you use a professional tree removal service like Jacksonville Area Tree Removal Service. You will be assured the job gets done right,.

Tree Trimming And Landscape Mulching

Tree trimming and Landscaping is fun and can be quite involved depending on how much work and education you put into it. Did you know there are many types of mulch? Most people think there is just one and are content to apply it to their gardens, flower beds and around their trees. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal we know all about mulch, and in this post, we’ll give you information to know about it too. Let’s start by explaining what mulch is. It is material applied to gardens and landscaping features to slow weed growth, improve soil quality, reduce evaporation, and improve appearance. It is also good for play yard areas offering a safety material under slides and swings.
There are two basic types or mulch organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is the top choice because it improves the soil quality by adding nutrients as it breaks down. On the other hand, inorganic is great for slopes, walkways, and areas that face a lot of runoff as it’s resistant to erosion. Below is a list of both types.

Types of Organic Mulch:

  1. Composted Animal Manure – Best as mulch for Vegetables.
  2. Grass Clippings or Shredded Leaves – Best to mulch Garden Beds and around Tree and Shrubs.
  3. Cocoa Chips – Appropriate for all Planting Areas.
  4. Wood Chips or Bark – Use these to mulch around Trees and Shrubs.
  5. Straw – Great for a protective barrier. 

Types of Inorganic Mulch:

  1. Rock or Crusher Dust – Best as mulch for walkways or paths.
  2. Landscape Plastic or Fabric – Ideal as a weed killer or barrier.
  3. Rubber – This is good for high traffic areas like playgrounds.
Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough to get the job done and are using the right mulch for the project. It you have a large area that needs mulched contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for assistance. We also suggest that you use organic materials instead of inorganic materials as much as you can. Compost is the best mulch material.


You’ve spread your fresh mulch at a nice even depth, recommended is about 2 to 4 inches deep, around your garden, flower beds, trees, and shrubs. You step back and are proudly amazed at how good it all looks. Then you think, “I wish it could look this good all the time.” The weather can take its toll, even if you are using the best mulch. Mulch doesn’t need a lot of attention, but it will benefit from some upkeep. Typically, you will mulch in the spring and the fall. One of the first things you’re going to want to do is check the depth as it should be between two and four inches. If it’s less, add more. You will want to remove weeds that make their way through the mulch and to the surface. When you start seeing weeds you may have to add a little more mulch. This will also help maintain the color and fresh appearance of your mulch. Try raking your mulch a few times throughout the year to prevent clumps from forming and to remove debris that may have gathered. Tree trimming when needed. If you follow these simple steps, mulch will maintain its beauty and your plants and garden will thank you for it. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal we offer the following services to help you maintain a beautiful, safe, and well maintained yard or lot:   * Tree pruning or trimming * Tree removal * Stump Grinding * Tree Cabling or Bracing * Slash Clean Up * Wood Chipping * Much Spreading * Debris Hauling * Crane Lifting * Lot Clearing    

Levels Of Tree Care

Tree Removal in Jacksonville

Tree Removal Care

Tree removal is a way to maintain a beautiful landscaping throughout your property. An expert tree cutting service will dispose of your dead trees. Take a look around your home or office for any need for clean up or a need for safety issues to be addressed. Expert tree cutting services will provide services to take down and remove trees and brush from your home.

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal has the experience and equipment to safely remove trees from your property regardless of the difficulty. We have experience and training to remove all types of trees in a professional manner. We thoroughly dispose of all the waste to decrease the impact it can have on the surrounding area.

If you have an aging or decaying tree it can be safety hazard for you and your property. Decaying trees are at a greater risk of falling during a severe storm or hurricane and can cause significant damage to your property and but you and your family in danger. While there are several reasons to have a tree removed, the risk of a falling tree during a storm can be costly.

Reasons for tree removal:
  • To revitalize your landscaping.
  • Make room for new homes or buildings.
  • To give struggling trees more room to thrive.
  • Decrease the risk of damage from storms or hurricanes.
  • To protect other trees or plants from disease.

Make sure your tree company goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal will leave you with a beautiful and safe landscape and meet your specific needs and requirements to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Tree Care Trimming

There are many reasons tree trimming should be a regular part of yard maintenance. Trees need to be trimmed regularly, and branches that pose a safety hazard should be cut off to not only to ensure the health of the tree but your family’s safety.

Dead or broken branches can pose a problem to the tree itself along with the people and property around it. You risk damaged branches falling and hitting anything that is sitting beneath them. These branches can also block sunlight from reaching the healthy branches.

There are a few signs that you can indicate you have an unhealthy branch:

  • During the fall season, trees have a tendency to start loosing leave naturally. What you want to watch for is excessively or are noticeably more leaves falling off or bare spots when the other branches are covered. This could be a sign of a dead branch.
  • Healthy branches will replace old bark with new bark growth. If you have a dead branch, the bark will not be replace. Look for branches that are missing bark.
  • Healthy branches are flexible where a dead branch is stiff or brittle and will break easily. If you try bending a branch and hear cracking sounds there is a chance it’s a dead branch.
  • A healthy tree will have a thin layer of green just beneath the bark. If you can lightly scratch the surface of the branch to see if it is green underneath.

If you think you have any dead branches on your trees, or want to have them checked you can contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal at to schedule your appointment today. You will get professional experienced service while we inspect your trees and trim them. This will keep your trees healthy and beautiful longer while making your yard a safer place.

Tree Stump Removal


Tree stump removal generally creates a positive impact on your land. There are many benefits to removing trees, shrubs and stumps from your yard or property. Grinding the roots may be necessary to avoid hazards to your safety and the safety of your home. Stumps are not only a trip hazard, they can also cause damage to your lawn care equipment and attract various bugs. Termites and ants thrive in stumps and can make their way to your home causing costly damage.

Root Disposal Services are recommended for:

  • Freeing up lawn space for landscaping
  • Eliminating a home for termites and other harmful insects
  • Removing tripping hazards
  • Prevent the stump from reproducing growth

Weather Damage Prevention

Emergency Tree Service

It is good to be proactive to avoid storm damage from any timber that is weak, dead, or dying branches and trees. You should call a professional that will survey all of your trees in close proximity to your home, and analyze which are dangerous. As a homeowner you want to protect your home from wind and heavy limbs. Weather damage prevention is a valuable resource, before those severe storms and hurricanes can damage your home by throwing loose branches and debris through a window, your roof or other personal property.

If you have fallen or damaged limbs and branches follow all safety precautions and guidelines for when removing. You can contact Jacksonville Area Tree removal to assess your damage and guide you on the steps needed for a successful tree removal. Fallen trees and broken branches can be dangerous to you and your family. Having reliable service care for your storm damaged property can keep your mind at ease and insure that your debris removal is done safely and correctly.

Knowledge and experience is crucial to safely remove trees, stumps, branches, and to do tree trimming. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal we know that all levels of tree care are important to address and take care of as soon as possible. Contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for all your tree care needs.

To Your Trees Health

tree cutting jacksonville fl

To Your Trees  Health – Rot or Damage- 

Your healthy tree’s trunk joins its leafy branches above with its growing roots base below. It’s what keeps it all together. If damage occurs to the trunk or it starts rotting it can effect the whole tree.

So what should you do if you have part of the tree trunk that gets damages or starts rotting?

It is not recommended to cut off and seal a rotting portion of a tree trunk. This can leave the tree vulnerable to more infections and could make the tree worse. Trees will try to heal the damaged area by sealing the area its self and will continue to grow.

Tree paint will not close wounds or prevent the spread of diseases. You could do more damage then good by using tree paint. Another misconception is trying to cut out the bad spot. Trying to cut out the problem will not solve the it because the issue is deeper than that. Trees rot because of a disease called wood decay, which usually targets old, large specimens and infects their wood from the inside out. It is almost impossible, to treat wood decay.

Rot could be a sign that your tree’s weak or unstable. You will want to call on a tree removal specialist to assess to see if it’s at risk of falling on your home. Keep your trees health.

Here are some options that your tree specialist may recommend:

* If the tree is mostly healthy and the decayed area is small, there’s a chance that it will seal itself over the rotting spot as it naturally grows new wood.

*Tree health care such as watering, fertilizing and pruning can do wonders to help extend the life of your tree. Just use cation if it is at risk of falling. Also, try to avoid any additional injury to the tree.

*If the tree trunk rot has weakened the tree to the point where it poses a risk to people or your home and property, you will want to have an experienced tree removal service take down the tree for safety.

Tree Trimming

Tree Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy and Strong

Find the right tree for the right area. Spots with enough sun and space that will allow your tree full growth capacity is ideal. Keep in mind before you dig where power-lines and underground utility’s are and do not plant to close to your home. Also, one of the biggest mistake made is planting the tree to deep.

  1. Properly water your trees! Do not rely on the rain to water your trees, check your trees regularly for moister and dryness. Typically an older tree will need one inch of water a week. Newer trees will need somewhere between 4 to 10 gallons each week during the first few growing seasons.
  2. Mulching adds not only beauty to your tree, but it also insulates the tree roots, protects the roots from lawn mower cuts and helps prevent dry soil. When you mulch your tree start by removing the grass and weeds around the tree and spread about two to four inches of mulch. Make sure not to cover the base of the trunk.
  3. Fertilizing is a way to add nutrients back into the soil to feed your tree. Use a slow-release fertilizer regularly to release nutrients into the soil. Also, test your soil occasionally to see if any elements are missing or low in supply.
  4. Proper trimming improves trees’ structure while also removing any deadwood holding them back. Major pruning should be done when the tree is dormant and doesn’t have any leaves. Then, in the summer, clean up and clear out small, dead or damaged branches.
  5. Make an appointment with a tree specialist for your tree. Spotting signs of pests or diseases early can make the difference. You want them to look for red flags like discolored leaves, cankers, holes, and more. They can provide you with a plan of action on how to help.

Proper care will ensure growth and a healthy tree. If your tree is beyond care and posses a safety threat it is always recommended that you hire a professional tree trimming or removal service to exam your tree, keep your trees health.

How to Pick a Tree Service

How to pick a Tree Service

Jacksonville Tree Service

While smaller tree care projects, such as pruning and small tree removals, are certainly within the abilities of the average property owner, large tree jobs should be left to the professionals.

Our motto at Jacksonville Area Tree Service is that if a homeowner can keep both feet on the ground then they should call a professional tree service company in Jacksonville, FL to service their trees. However, even this prudent decision is not without risks. There are many under-insured, unlicensed, and even unscrupulous tree service companies in the area.

Therefore, in this blog, we offer tips and suggestions on what to consider when selecting a tree service in Jacksonville.

Licensed Service

Are they licensed in the state of Florida and do they have insurance, both for their business (liability) and their workers (workers compensation)? This question is the most important aspect of your research into area tree service companies.

Without the proper licensing and insurance, you as the property owner, expose yourself to both financial and legal risks if an accident should happen. Always ask those you are receiving tree service estimates from if they hold the proper licensing and insurances.


Do they have the necessary credentials and qualifications? There are several tree care associations in the country that are signs a tree service company is properly credentialed and qualified. These include the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arborists (ISA). Further the Better Business Bureau is always a good general source for information about a business’s reputation.

Offer Estimates

Do they provide a written estimate and detail all the work estimates? Always get a firm written estimate that details the exact nature of work to be performed. We have seen numerous situations where work is not documented only to expose the property owner to additional expenses when the work is performed. Further, make sure the estimate details the exact use of equipment to be used. You don’t want to discover the day of the job that heavy equipment will be used potentially damaging your lawn and landscape.

Did you obtain multiple estimates for the work, and did you compare and contrast these estimates? Obtaining several (at least 3) estimates is wise in that it will provide you with a variety of opinions, costs, and approaches. However, all estimates will not be the same, so it is further prudent to assess each estimate in terms of the work scope involved. A more expensive estimate actually might not be more expensive if it involves more work.


Did you obtain references from multiple sources? Obtain references from the tree service business themselves and make sure they are current (within 1-3 months). Old references are not necessarily indicative of current business practices. Additionally, check online reference sources, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. These sources provide a variety of reference material and will help you make a better decision.

How to pick a qualified, professional Jacksonville tree service to perform tree removal or tree trimming need not be difficult using these suggestions. Just following these guidelines and you will be assured of hiring a top-notch tree care company.