Remove Dangerous Trees

Professional Tree Cutting Service

 There are times when you may need to remove one or more trees or bushes from your landscape due to weakness, disease or damage. Before you start any removal you should confirm that your trees or shrubs need to be removed. Here are some of the steps the professionals at Jacksonville Area Tree Removal suggest that you take:

Dangerous Tree Branches

Start by checking your trees  for branches that are dead or broken. Branches can die due to disease or pest infestations or they can be broken from storms. If you notice a couple dead or broken limbs you may want to prune them. If you notice that at least fifty percent of the limbs are broken or damaged you might want to consider scheduling an appointment for professional tree cutting service such as Jacksonville Area Tree Removal.

Check For Cavities

You should check the trunk and branches for cavities. When a stress factor has not been removed on time cavities will form. This leads to deterioration and damage to the bark and will expose the wood. The exposed wood can endanger the tree to pests, fungus, and insects. When more than half of the wood is decayed or eaten away the tree will become weak and will break easily during high winds.

Cracked trunk or branches

Cracks in the trunk or the branches can be very dangerous. When you have cracked branches storms or high winds make them vulnerable to failing or causing further damage to your tree. Especially if the cracks are running down the middle of the tree trunk. Cracks can develop as a result of frost, storms, lightning strikes and untreated decay. If you notice that your tree has too many cracks or ones which are large you should consider a professional tree cutting service such as Jacksonville Area Tree Removal.

How do you identify that your trees are dangerous and need removed? There are several indications that show that your tree needs to be removed. This can include too many branches that are dead or broken. Cavities in the trunk or branches, especially ones which are a host to pests. If you have cracks in the trunk or limbs. If you notice these or other signs of danger, contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal to professional remove your damaged trees or stumps.