Levels Of Tree Care

Tree Removal Care

Tree removal is a way to maintain a beautiful landscaping throughout your property. An expert tree cutting service will dispose of your dead trees. Take a look around your home or office for any need for clean up or a need for safety issues to be addressed. Expert tree cutting services will provide services to take down and remove trees and brush from your home.

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal has the experience and equipment to safely remove trees from your property regardless of the difficulty. We have experience and training to remove all types of trees in a professional manner. We thoroughly dispose of all the waste to decrease the impact it can have on the surrounding area.

If you have an aging or decaying tree it can be safety hazard for you and your property. Decaying trees are at a greater risk of falling during a severe storm or hurricane and can cause significant damage to your property and but you and your family in danger. While there are several reasons to have a tree removed, the risk of a falling tree during a storm can be costly.

Reasons for tree removal:
  • To revitalize your landscaping.
  • Make room for new homes or buildings.
  • To give struggling trees more room to thrive.
  • Decrease the risk of damage from storms or hurricanes.
  • To protect other trees or plants from disease.

Make sure your tree company goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Jacksonville Area Tree Removal will leave you with a beautiful and safe landscape and meet your specific needs and requirements to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Tree Care Trimming

There are many reasons tree trimming should be a regular part of yard maintenance. Trees need to be trimmed regularly, and branches that pose a safety hazard should be cut off to not only to ensure the health of the tree but your family’s safety.

Dead or broken branches can pose a problem to the tree itself along with the people and property around it. You risk damaged branches falling and hitting anything that is sitting beneath them. These branches can also block sunlight from reaching the healthy branches.

There are a few signs that you can indicate you have an unhealthy branch:

  • During the fall season, trees have a tendency to start loosing leave naturally. What you want to watch for is excessively or are noticeably more leaves falling off or bare spots when the other branches are covered. This could be a sign of a dead branch.
  • Healthy branches will replace old bark with new bark growth. If you have a dead branch, the bark will not be replace. Look for branches that are missing bark.
  • Healthy branches are flexible where a dead branch is stiff or brittle and will break easily. If you try bending a branch and hear cracking sounds there is a chance it’s a dead branch.
  • A healthy tree will have a thin layer of green just beneath the bark. If you can lightly scratch the surface of the branch to see if it is green underneath.

If you think you have any dead branches on your trees, or want to have them checked you can contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal at https://www.jacksonvilleareatreeremoval.com to schedule your appointment today. You will get professional experienced service while we inspect your trees and trim them. This will keep your trees healthy and beautiful longer while making your yard a safer place.

Tree Stump Removal


Tree stump removal generally creates a positive impact on your land. There are many benefits to removing trees, shrubs and stumps from your yard or property. Grinding the roots may be necessary to avoid hazards to your safety and the safety of your home. Stumps are not only a trip hazard, they can also cause damage to your lawn care equipment and attract various bugs. Termites and ants thrive in stumps and can make their way to your home causing costly damage.

Root Disposal Services are recommended for:

  • Freeing up lawn space for landscaping
  • Eliminating a home for termites and other harmful insects
  • Removing tripping hazards
  • Prevent the stump from reproducing growth

Weather Damage Prevention

Emergency Tree Service

It is good to be proactive to avoid storm damage from any timber that is weak, dead, or dying branches and trees. You should call a professional that will survey all of your trees in close proximity to your home, and analyze which are dangerous. As a homeowner you want to protect your home from wind and heavy limbs. Weather damage prevention is a valuable resource, before those severe storms and hurricanes can damage your home by throwing loose branches and debris through a window, your roof or other personal property.

If you have fallen or damaged limbs and branches follow all safety precautions and guidelines for when removing. You can contact Jacksonville Area Tree removal to assess your damage and guide you on the steps needed for a successful tree removal. Fallen trees and broken branches can be dangerous to you and your family. Having reliable service care for your storm damaged property can keep your mind at ease and insure that your debris removal is done safely and correctly.

Knowledge and experience is crucial to safely remove trees, stumps, branches, and to do tree trimming. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal we know that all levels of tree care are important to address and take care of as soon as possible. Contact Jacksonville Area Tree Removal for all your tree care needs.