Hanging Tree Branch Trimming

Tree Branches Hanging Over Your Roof?

Don’t we all want our trees to grow to its full height? They give us a sense of protection and warmth, and we want to be able to see them bloom to its fullest. However, what if your tree’s limbs and branches grow to close to your property? Is it time to be alarmed? Safety should always come first. If you see drooping limbs on your roof, you should safely fix it before it becomes a problem. Need may need a tree removal service.  

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What is the Risk of Overhanging Branches on Your Roof and How to Prevent Damage 

It is dangerous to have limbs hanging over your home or any structure in your property because of the following reasons:   

~During windy days, branches that are touching your roof can scrape and strip off layers of asphalt on your roof shingles.  

~Leaves that fall directly to your roof can cause mold build up and lead to leaks and damage.  

~If a storm hits a damaged or diseased tree, it can fall onto your home.  

Is It Your Tree or Your Neighbor’s Tree?  

Do not plant trees too close to your home without considering its height and width when it reaches full maturity. But what if your neighbor’s tree is touching your home? In most cases, you can trim branches that are within your lot area, regardless if it is planted in your neighbor’s yard. However, make sure to consult with your neighbor first because there can be some limitations to this case. Remember that you will be liable for any harm incurred by the tree, so always practice caution. 

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How to Remove a Tree Limb Hanging Over Your House  

If the limb is hanging over your roof, make sure that you will remove it with utmost care. One wrong move and it will end up on your roof. If you plan to do it yourself, you may put yourself in danger, and it can be expensive to do repairs because of one mistake you did. For this reason, we always recommend hiring a certified tree removal and trimming professional do the job for you.

Make sure the tree service is insured and licensed for your protection. They are well-trained for scenarios like this, and they will be able to take care of the tree and do what needs to be done to keep you and your property from harm. Also, in case there would be any damage, their insurance will cover the cost.  

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