Equipment Needed to Cut a Tree

If you are cutting down a tree, we advise hiring a professional tree cutting service to take it down for you. If you are positive that you can handle the task yourself, then you should make sure you have the proper tools to do the job. Be prepared to spend some money to get the right tools necessary to cut a tree safely and efficiently. Below are the tools and equipment you need to buy to remove a tree.

Tree Cutting Service

Tree Cutting Equipment

Using a high-quality chainsaw is a must to trim or remove a tree. A chainsaw is fast and more suitable then using an ax. You can us an ax for small trees or to finish the task but a high-quality chainsaw is recommended.

Should you use a Gas-powered chainsaw or an Electric Chainsaw?

The chainsaw is the top choice of equipment used to take down a tree. When you decide to buy a chainsaw you will need to decide whether you want to buy a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric chainsaw.

The gas-powered chainsaw is more portable, but it will be a challenge to determine the correct mixture of gas and oil needed. The gas chainsaw is not the top pick for many because they have to spend the extra money for gas, and it is not entirely eco-friendly.

With an electric chainsaw you do not have to worry about those things. The biggest downside to using an electric chainsaw is you will need to have an extension cord whenever you want to use it. You will need an extension cord long enough to reach the tree you need to remove. This situation can be both a nuisance and hazardous. Your cord may not be too long to access and electrical outlet or you may accidentally trip over it causing unwanted accidents.

Price of each will depend on the quality and power of the chainsaw. The more powerful the chainsaw, the more costly the equipment will be. Some chainsaws can cost $90 or more, but these models usually are too lightweight to effectively do a tree removal job. If you want a heavy-duty chainsaw that can tackle the tree removal job, be prepared to spend at least $200 to $300 for a quality chainsaw that’s tough enough to tackle the job.

Tools and Equipment Needed

Besides a chainsaw, you will need other tools that help make the tree cutting job more efficient and convenient:


* An AXE can come in handy if you have a small tree or branch to remove.

* You will need a ROPE to help lower parts of the tree down to the ground.

* You will need a LADDER taller trees.

* Regardless of the type of equipment you use, your top priority is to protect yourself from debris. You should always wear PROTECTIVE GEAR such as gloves, hard hat, goggles, and boots when doing any tree job.

* You never know when accidents will happen, so it is best to have a FIRST AID KIT handy.

* Using WEDGES along with an ax and a chainsaw can make the tree removal process easier.

Other Cutting Equipment

After you have cut a tree down you many want to get rid of the excess waste from the tree. Residential wood chippers can be quite costly. You can pay between $800 and $1400, depending on the size of the wood chipper. You may want to consider a professional tree removal service that can not only take care of removing the tree, but the stump and debris that is left over. It is suggested you compare your cost and time vs using a professional tree removal service to determine what is the best way to go for you.