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Jacksonville Area Tree Removal

Jacksonville Area Tree Removal is not your typical Tree Service.

Tree Removal in Jacksonville Florida

We Are Experts at Taking Down Trees Safely with the Precision it Takes to do the Job Right..

Is it time to get rid of those trees? Do you have a couple that are leaning dangerously over the house and look like they’re ready to throw in the towel?

Remember when you told your neighbors you were going to finally get rid of those unwanted trees in the backyard and they said call “Jacksonville Area Tree Removal”?

Well we’re not surprised! We have been in the tree care business, doing tree trimming and removing trees for a long long long long time. At Jacksonville Area Tree Removal or JATR for short, we solve all of your tree problems, it’s what we do.

We are tree problem solvers that are dedicated to the safety of our customers and everyone that works on our jobs.

We are fully licensed and insured with proper liability and workers compensation

No project is too small or too large, whether you need tree trimming, stump grinding or any kind of tree maintenance, we are just a phone call away with hassle free customer care.

We take your tree cutting needs very seriously and are committed to taking care of your project from start to finish with our five-star service guarantee! We have been called the best tree care company more times than we can count.

We have loyal customers and we even offer a referral fee for past customers that refer their neighbors just to say thanks.

“We’re Protected For Every Curve The Road Can Throw At Us”

Properly Licensed

Workers Compensation

Liability Insurance


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Why You Should Hire Professional Tree Service for your Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Jacksonville BeachPeople ask me all the time “Hey should I do this myself? I think I can do this.” I say “Have you ever cut down a tree before?”

For starters you don’t just cut and yell “TIMBER”

You’re not George Washington chopping down a tree. Who “Chops” down a tree anymore?

Most of the time the answer is no, you should not do it yourself. If you’re like most people you think this project should be left up to the professional tree service or arborist.

If you think this, you’re not alone. Most people want to play it safe and hire professional tree cutters. There are some people who are the gung ho do it yourselfers who still want to tackle this job themselves to save money but if something goes wrong it can end up costing you more money and even be very dangerous.

tree cutting jacksonville fl

Benefits of Hiring a Pro

  1. It’s way safer
  2. It’s cheaper in the long run
  3. The tree won’t fall on the house
  4. No Stress
  5. No Mess
  6. Guaranteed Work
  7. Fast Turnaround Time

If you need some pruning tips, we will be happy to give you some but we do not recommend taking down a whole tree unless you have the kind of expertise it takes and your yard is as big as a forest so you don’t have to worry about hitting the house or other trees when you fell that tree.

Play it safe, a better solution is, you can just have us take a look at it for you and we will map out the perfect plan of attack. With most yards you can’t just start up the chainsaw and start hacking away, you have to have a plan. For one thing do you have enough room for the tree to fall?

One of the most dangerous situations that you need to think about is if the tree starts to fall and gets hung up on another tree, they call this a widow maker. If that happens you need to call us fast! Better yet call the JATR and the job will be done right the first time.

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Handling Even The Toughest Tree Removal

Jacksonville tree service

Your job is very important to us, we will handle your project with the utmost care and provide you with a no hassle tree cutting experience. We are known for taking the stress out of whole job. First we create a plan of attack as I mentioned above, to take out your trees with the precision of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee had to figure out which bad guy was first up, and in which order they were going to come at him. Well we do the same thing because taking out the right trees first makes the rest of the job a lot easier, and safer. After that we go to work cutting, chipping the wood into tiny pieces, grinding the stump and filling any stump holes. Then we go all out cleaning up your yard so you can enjoy it and get back to normal as soon as possible. We don’t drag your job out for weeks, we get in and get out as clean and as fast as we can.

Stump Removal Service

Stump Removal Jacksonville FloridaStumps can be a pain in the butt. I remember when I was a kid we had a stump in the back yard we would trip over all the time, I finally got mad and said “When I grow up this will never happen in my yard” and you know what I was right. Now that I’m all grown up we have the latest stump grinding equipment. Our high speed grinding disks have teeth as sharp as a beaver! We grind the stump and the roots into tiny little pieces. If you need old stumps ground, or if we have cut down your trees and are grinding the stumps you better believe the job will be done right the first time. Our grinders eat up any stump like a paper shredder eats top secret government documents. Stump Removal Jacksonville Fl.

Professional Tree Trimming

We trim limbs and branches so you don’t have to, sometimes it’s just easier to leave it up to the pros. At JATR we love helping our customers make their yard look spectacular. Our devoted staff are highly trained tree technicians and are experts at tree trimming and tree pruning. We can trim and shape your trees so they have naturally beautiful look.

Tip: If you are going to trim your own trees cut the limb right down near the source branch. If you leave a little piece of stub sticking out it’s a place for bacteria and insects to harbor. Make sure you cut the limb at the same angle as the last branch intersection. If you’ve done it right it, down the road it will form a nice circle of bark that will swell up around the cut.

We can help you trim: fruit trees, palm trees, pine trees, live oaks and more.

Tree Removal in Jacksonville

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Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Service Jacksonville flCall Us Now! We Will Get Busy! Help is on the way with our emergency tree service. With the kind of storms, we have in the Jacksonville Florida area you can wake up to a yard full of trees down. When that happens don’t get to close to them just call us we can help you evaluate any danger of the tree rolling onto the house or other property. If you get to close to a downed tree, it could move suddenly and you could be injured so don’t wait another minute call us. We will do everything we can to help clean up the mess and get your yard back to normal.


We're Here for You After the Hurricane

Hurricane Matthew did bring some damage to Jacksonville and we were there for our awesome customers!

Tree Service You Can Count On

When you need tree work done you need a company that’s reliable and that means doing what we say we’re going to do. We value your desire to get your tree project done in a reasonable amount of time. You can’t wait for 3 weeks to get an estimate done. We know our competition doesn’t hardly ever answer the phone and a lot of the time they don’t show up for the estimate appointment. We won’t keep you waiting when you need an estimate done. We have enough personnel to get the estimate AND the job done. As I write this we are about to expand and hire even more just to make sure we get your tree job done when you want it!

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We’ll consider any Tree Care job in or around Duval or St Johns County, in the north Florida area,  including: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Downtown Jacksonville, Orange Park, Southside Mandarin, San Marco, Arlington, Springfield, Northside Airport, Amelia Island, Beaches & Mayport, St Augustine, Palm Coast, Ponte Vedra Beach, St Johns County, Nocatee, Fruit Cove, Dahoma, Lakeside, Bryceville, Callahan, Yulee, Windy Hill, Fernandina Beach, and Atlantic Beach.

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